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Because of my parents' work, this summer I was sent to my uncle's house in the countryside. There were no acquaintances my age, the weather was hot, there were no game centers or convenience stores, just vast fields, surrounded by mountains. All day I just lay down and sleep to kill time. But that's why I had a fateful meeting. Minami-san is the neighbor's wife, she is extremely young, beautiful, and extremely cute. Today my uncle had something to do and had to go to the town office. Minami-san came to look for him but he wasn't home, so she sat back to wait for my uncle to return. I brought out a watermelon to offer her, the melon seeds fell on Minami-san's chest, catching my attention. At this point I realized, she wasn't wearing a bra! Waiting too long, Minami-san fell asleep without realizing it. The short pants completely exposed her long, smooth legs, her nipples peeking through the thin shirt made my arousal peak! I had to go to another room to masturbate. While I was doing it, Minami-san suddenly came and discovered me! I thought she would be disgusted with me but no! She took the initiative to kiss me, suck my cock and let me fuck her! And our secret relationship started from each other. For a whole summer, we continuously fucked each other whenever possible, even when Minami-san's husband was sleeping next to us! Fucking my neighbor's wife on a summer day

Secretly having sex with the neighbor's young wife
Secretly having sex with the neighbor's young wife
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 Actor: Kojima Ming 
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